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First Ever!! San Diego Stitch & Bitch!
2002-01-12 | 10:57 a.m.

I'm putting together the first ever San Diego Stitch & Bitch. I've been frequenting a crafty chicks message board for quite some time now and realized that there were plenty of things going on in Orange County, but nothing going on down here for crafty girls.

So here's the plan, bring your knitting, crocheting or other fiber arts. Have some coffee or tea and chat with us! I've got a few girls that are definitely interested and that are going to go, but I'd like as many people there as possible. So if you read my diary and are crafty and are in the San Diego area, then by all means please come down. Here's the info:

San Diego Stitch & Bitch

Love to knit, crochet or crafts? Love to talk about movies & music? Then come join us for the first ever San Diego Stitch & Bitch! Meet cool and crafty chicks that like the same things you do! Have some coffee and knit for a while. All levels of experience welcome. Don't know how to knit but love to craft? No worries! Come and tell us all about what you love to make!Any questions? Email: crftchick@aol.com

Wednesday Monday 7:00pm

January 30, 2002 January 28th, 2002

Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge

2906 University Ave.

San Diego, CA 92104

Tel: (619) 688-9845

The crftchick@aol.com is not my new email address, but rather one I made up expressly for this purpose. So please if you love to craft or would like to meet other young chicks who have the same interests as you, please come by. I'll be there and will probably be knitting my scarf that will never end. I'll be bringing some of my friends with me (hopefully) and we'll all have a good time. Casual.

I know some girls are a little nervous about meeting other people. Don't worry. We're all going to be there for the same thing. Relax.

See you there!

Edited to add: This post reflects the new info on the dates. Please disregard any previous posts which do not state the above date of January 28th, 2002. We will be meeting on that date at 7:00 at Claire de Lune. If you have any questions, please direct them to: crftchick@aol.com or voz37@aol.com

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